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Casa Cilantro

Train hard, relax, and rejuvenate.

Casa Cilantro is a SURF lover’s dream. Just two blocks from the ocean in the gated community of Club Santiago, with access to SUP, SUP race, SUP SURF, and surf activities, training and equipment with our local partners Oasis Paddle Boarding and Santiago Local SUP/SURF.

The guesthouse holds 12 to 15 people. Private rooms or shared rooms are available for individuals, or rent the entire house for your group! Relax in our private yard with cooling pool and our outside BBQ, which is always available to guests. Casa Cilantro offers a full kitchen, office area, free Wi-Fi, and flat screen TV. Visit other nearby breaks including Pascuales, Ticla, and Nexpa.

Contact us to book your stay.

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